I’m sure that everyone who played the original Flutter would be happy to play Flutter 2. It’s so similar to the original that I almost felt like I had to play it! And I’m not alone, that’s why the new version is selling so well. The developers have added some great features to the game that make it fun and exciting. Here are just a few things that I found interesting in playing Flutter 2:
First off, you can now choose which time of day you want to play. There is no longer a day/night cycle in the game. You can play it whenever you want! Oh, and the game now supports 6 languages! Not only does that add a lot to the game but it makes it more fun to play, as you get to learn about different cultures.
Another great feature of the game is its use of leaderboards. You will see your personal high scores along with other players’ rankings. There are also leaderboards for different sports, like swimming, boxing and skiing. If you’re a sporty kind of person, you’ll love the leaderboards as you’ll see your name rise to the top of the list! You can even share your scores with friends!
Another popular feature of the game that really made me appreciate it was the line of “slip” skins for your keyboard. Just like the original Flutter you have two sets of keyboard skins to choose from. One set for winter, one for summer. Slip them over your keyboard and experience the excitement of the slopes! Or if you’re feeling tense and uptight, slip on a relaxing winter theme skin. (I prefer the light blue one from the site.)
The snowflakes and stars are always beautiful to look at. To spice up the gameplay a new game type has been added to the mix. Get some mates and go build a snowman village. You can collect snowflakes as you go and use them to power-up your snowman village. There are several challenges to help you defeat the Snowman King, including: using the snow to power-up your pets, getting all the pets together at the same time and so on.
The newest addition to the game is the ability to play with two players. Use the split screen to play against your friends. Now instead of racing against your friends on the ground, you race against them on their console monitors! Two player mode is available in both portrait and racing versions of the game.
Finally, and maybe most importantly to those who are into snowboarding, there is the brand new snowboarding game mode. In this mode you have the option of either skiing snowboarding, or both. What’s great about this mode is that you don’t have to learn how to play those sports. Just put your finger on the button and let your fingers do the work!
The snowman craze is here. Get your snowman gear ready. And don’t forget your snowman games. I think you’re going to be excited for the new season!
If you want to know what this new winter game is all about, well, it’s about snowboarding. You are an “Auckland”, a part of the big world snowboarding club. Snowboarding is all about control, speed, balance and getting that “feel” for the sport. You get to experience what it’s like to snowboard down a real snow slope, and the best part is you can play the game in three-dimensional 3D right in the palm of your hand.
Flutter is very simple to pick up. The controls are smooth and easy to master. Your main aim is to flap your wings, and gain speed, while at the same time preventing your board from falling and landing into the snow. You also need to flap your snowman-like arms in order to do these moves. Try to master the basics first, then you can start mastering the advanced moves!
Influtter is available for both iPhone and iPad and has been designed by snowboarding experts. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can definitely learn how to play. It’s all about mastering the basics, before you move on to the more advanced techniques. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can always continue playing with friends, or challenge yourself with the various challenges that are included in the game.
The game is free to download, and if you like snowboarding games, I’m sure you’ll love this one. Flutter is definitely a unique snowman game and will keep you entertained for hours. You can also use the built in leader boards, in case you feel that you need to improve on your skills. There are no calories used in this game, so you won’t have any extra fat to burn. If you’re ready to get fit, play this snowman game today, and I’m sure your snowman shape will stay the same, for years to come.