The innovative and highly acclaimed Flip Slide technology in the new Flip Slide 2.0 allows you to enjoy your entertainment on a big screen without the need of taking up space or dealing with cramped living spaces. The Flip Slide 2.0 maximizes the screen space for media-rich applications such as movies, videos, and games while providing users with access to the built-in speaker ports and headphones. Now you can get the ultimate in mobile entertainment. The Flip Slide 2.0 adds support for upcoming multi-touch mobile applications that include multi-touch controls for navigation and control on the Flip Slide. Users will have access to multi-dimensional interfaces on the screen that changes based on the current orientation of the device.
The multi-touch screen recognizes subtle movements of the fingers to trigger the appropriate action. With the Flip Slide 2.0, you have access to five multi-touch displays, each of which has its own dedicated zone of operation. The zones include:
You will easily recognize your contact’s phone calls by accessing their contact information on the home screen. The phone number, calendar, email, and URL shortcuts are arranged in logical order on the home screen for quick access. The Flip Slide also supports the popular MMS service, so you can check the latest news or updates from your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Perfspot.
The Flip Slide 2.0 provides access to your favorite apps while doubling the viewing area on your multi-touch display. Now you can enjoy a wider app selection on a larger display that stretches out more than your palm sized fingers allow. The multi-touch display on the Flip Slide 2.0 can be used with up to three other multi-touch devices, such as the Flip Ultra HD, or the Flip Ultra. Now you can enjoy all of your multi-touch apps on the big screen, conveniently.
The Flip Slide 2.0 offers easy access to your email apps. With the push of a single button, your phone will be automatically signed in to your Gmail account. The Gmail account that you have set up will appear just as if it were displayed on the home screen of your phone, and you can check the recent changes, male thumbnails, and search box with ease. Even easier, the Gmail app is fully customizable so you can change any part of the interface to best suit your needs.
This multi-touch phone also supports popular apps like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Office. Now you can keep all of your documents and spreadsheets on your device, accessible from any computer or smartphone, from anywhere. For those who want to access these apps, this device also includes a USB cable, making it a snap to move files between computers or laptops.
The Flip Slide 2.0 also features exclusive support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can easily edit, prepare, and share your documents with any of these apps from the device’s built-in software library. This means that you no longer have to use third-party software to open, edit, and share documents with your devices. You can get your office documents onto the go with this device, where they are safely stored in their own folders on your phone. This new version of the Flip has all of the same features of the original but now includes new functionality.
The Flip Slide 2.0’s multi-touch keyboard enhances the convenience of this device. If you are tired of typing with a regular physical keyboard, then the built-in multi-touch keyboard on the Flip Slide is just what you need. In addition, it works fine even if you do not have steady hands as long as you remember to touch the screen often. As long as you remember to use the multi-touch feature while working on the phone’s interface, you will find this phone perfect for your corporate needs.