In this article, We will discuss about HookUp4U Flutter Dating App UI KIT for a Dating App.

Hookup4u is a Hybrid Mobile Dating User Interface based on Flutter, it has all the UI with effects of a regular dating app. You can use the UI to create fully functional dating app. Following are the UI screens:

If you’re looking to buy Flutter app templates, this one is for sale. Firstly, Hookup4u is a complete feature-full dating app template implemented using Flutter. Secondly, It is available in the CodeCanyon market for sale for $69. It offers more than 40 screens. Thirdly, each screen exhibits the intuitive UI feel with features matching that of the fully functional dating app. Nowadays, security has been one of the most important features that must be included in every app. This app offers authentication using Facebook and as well as OTP based Phone number verification. This template delivers an easy input UI for profile creation and gallery for picture upload.

Similarly, HookUp4U Flutter Dating App UI Kit have almost all the template also incorporates the Tinder based swipe mechanism along with it and unlike the other’s profile feature. It supports real-time Notifications and one to one chat as well. The control over the profile visibility can also be set using the settings option. So overall, this template delivers powerful features required for an ideal dating app. Thus, do not restrain yourself for checking this professional template out.


Following are the features of HookUp4U Flutter Dating App.

  • Splash screen
  • Login using Facebook and phone
  • Verify Phone number
  • Verify OTP
  • Welcome screen
  • Gender Screen
  • Sexual orientation
  • Show me
  • My University
  • Enable Location
  • Users Pics Likes/Dislikes with Swipe effect
  • Other Users profile details
  • User Profile page
  • Settings
    • Change phone number
  • Add Media
  • Edit Profile
  • Notification
  • Chat Dashboard
  • Chat page

Try Demo Below, Tap to download and enjoy the beautiful UI KIT.

HookUp4U : A Tinder like Flutter Dating UI - 6

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